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One way to start a business is to figure out a way to make a task easier to perform.

Lee Vieselmeyer knows exactly how to do that. He started a wholesale tree farm, known as Plains Tree Farm, in 1971. He soon realized that moving trees was a task that could be done more easily. He came up with an idea for a loader attachment that would help reduce the burden. He was encouraged by other nurserymen and hence, the Nursery Jaws were launched under the company name of DPM, Inc. (Diversified Prducts Marketing, Inc.)

Nursery Jaws are primarily used for moving trees, however, customers have other items can be moved with this attachment. They work great for moving rocks, pallets and boxes too.

DPM, Inc. has sold Nursery Jaws all over the United States. We use a distributor network and also do direct sales. 

Other products have come into the market trying to imitate or replace the Nursery Jaws, but DPM, Inc. stays ahead of the competitors by developing new products and holding our customer service standards to a high level. We at DPM, Inc., stand behind our product by offering the customer a 60 day money back guarantee on their Nursery Jaws purchase. If you don't like it after you have tried it, we will take it back. Lee Vieselmeyer can count on one hand how many units have been returned because customer's have been quite satisfied with their purchase!

"Nursery Jaws are as important to modernizing the nursery business as two-way radios", said Frank Roth of Rushton Farms in South Lyon, Michigan. Rushton Farms has been doing business with DPM, Inc. for approximately six years. The Nursery Jaws have cut required manpower in half for tree harvesting and loading tasks. "It used to take two people to load the trees, now you can do it with just one", Roth said. Roth told us how using the Nursery Jaws instead of a regular set of forks has his own customer service initiative. "When you are putting a tree in someone else's expensive vehicle, you can load it with confidence and not feel like you are going to wreck his vehicle." Roth's confidence in the Nursery Jaws is so high, that he has joined the dealer network and sold machines to a Tennessee vendor of theirs.

Michael Terry, a landscape foreman at Rolling Hills Refuge in Salina, Kansas said the Nursery Jaws allow him to plant large trees more efficiently.

Porter Lane Wholesale, a nursery in Centerville, Utah, use two employees to load a truck in one hour with the help of the Nursery Jaws. Before buying the Nursery Jaws, they needed four or five people and two or three hours of time to do the same job.

DPM, Inc.'s role is to help customer's get the job done more efficiently. DPM, Inc. also manufactures some other products such as the TarPuller, which is used to cover loads of trees by attaching it either the Nursery Jaws or other forks, and the U-Blade, which has several uses which include digging holes for planting trees and loosening hard packed soil.

DPM, Inc. also serves as a distributor for other manufacturer's products like treespades, tracks and augers. We are the number one distributor of the Dutchman Tree Spades in the United Sates. We travel to approximately 15 or more tradeshows per year and do demonstration trips in between. Our salesmen are experienced and knowledgeable about our entire line of products. 


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