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2024 Price List

Mini Jaws-Heavy Duty Hybrid Style

      Choice of 36" or 42" Fork Length with 5" Pads
      48"x5" Optional Forks-Add $50


Nursery Jaws Junior-Hybrid Style                                         

Choice of 50" or 66" fork length with 5" pads
A manual adjusting pivot point has been added

Nursery Jaws Hybrid                                         

66" or 72" fork length with 5" pads
Manual adjusting pivot point Allows For Wider/Narrower Parallel Spacing

Nursery Jaws 1 "New Style"                                      

66" or 72" fork length with 5" pads
Same dimensions as old style with a new, more efficient design!


Nursery Jaws 2

72" fork length with 5" pads
Electric Selector Valve
Manual Selector Valve-Add $250
80" fork length option with 5" pads-Add $150

Pallet Paws                                                            

Pallet Paws/Nursery Jaws Combination
Choice of 72" or 80"Forks with 6" Pads
Heavy-Duty Double Cylinder Action

Next Generation Nursery Jaws                      

80" fork length with 5" pads
Electric Selector Valve
Manual Selector Valve-Add $250
Wide Version for larger B&B or box material-Add $750


***Fork length is total length and does not reflect total usable length***
Hydraulic Hoses are included with every machine
(6' long hoses, bend restrictors, 1/2" MPT ends)

Hydraulic Flow Control Option: Flow control allows operator to adjust speed of articulation for precise control-Add $65

Pressure Relief Couplers Option: Relief allows reconnection of hoses that build pressure due to heat or other means-Add $150

9 Degree Fork Option (For Boxed and Container Trees) Add $150


Attaches to the Nursery Jaws or Pallet Forks. Extends from 8'-15' to tarp trucks and cover hoop houses.


Unique and versatile tool to bareroot trees, uproot stumps, loosen packed soil, dig trenches and many other uses!


The Plantform's 6 1/2' x 5 1/2' work space makes moving smaller B&B, pots and containers a breeze. Great for loading, unloading vans. Will attach to forklifts or skidloaders.


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Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Dealer for: Dutchman Tree Spades, McMillen Augers,
Grouser & Loegering Tracks and Used Equipment

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